The developmental systems blog

The Developmental Systems blog presents and discusses work from the Flowers Lab (Inria, Univ. Bordeaux and Ensta ParisTech) and collaborators, and targets a wide and interdisciplinary audience.

The works we present here are part of a long-term research program to understand autonomous developmental learning, at the frontiers of AI and cognitive sciences. This research program in developmental machine learning studies how machines could learn like children, i.e. how one could build machines that are able to develop open-ended repertoires of sensorimotor and social skills in the real world, with limited resources of time, energy and compute. In return, we also study how computational models of developmental learning can be used as tools to understand better human learning, as well as in educational technologies to foster efficient and intrinsically motivated learning.


Authors of this blog are members of the Flowers Lab or collaborators, and can be contacted through information provided at the end of each blog post. For general enquiries, please contact Pierre-Yves Oudeyer.


The design of this blog was inspired by the outstanding BAIR Blog, and is based upon the Jekyll theme Pixyll and further based on the design of Off the Convex Path.