sbmltoodejax.parse.ParseSBMLFile(file: str)[source]#

Wrapper of SBMLtoODEpy’s ParseSBMLFile function. This function extract the SBML model’s elements using libSBML, and returns an instance ModelData which is intended to be then passed to the GenerateModel().

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This function buils upon SBMLtoODEpy ParseSBMLFile function, see their documentation at


Here, at the difference of the original SBMLtoODEpy’s function, ParseSBMLFile:

  • takes as input a string which can be a filepath but also directly a string containing the content of the file (allows to directly parse online-hosted SBML files, see Example)

  • raises an error if the SBML model contains Events (not handled yet neither in SBMLtoODEpy nor in SBMLtoODEjax)


file (str) – can be either the filepath of the SBML model to be parsed or a string with the content of the file


An sbmltoodepy object containing the model’s components and their properties

Return type:

modelData (sbmltoodepy.dataclasses.ModelData)

  • ValueError – if there is an error during LibSBML reading of the file

  • NotImplementedError – if the SBML model contains events


from sbmltoodejax.parse import ParseSBMLFile
from urllib.request import urlopen

model_idx = 647
model_url = f"{model_idx:010d}.2?filename=BIOMD{model_idx:010d}_url.xml"
with urlopen(model_url) as response:
    model_xml_body ="utf-8")
model_data = ParseSBMLFile(model_xml_body)